Volunteer Crisis Responders

Become A Crisis Responder today!

Sudbury & Area Victim Services Volunteer Crisis Responders are critical to the ongoing success of the agency. Without the dedication, commitment and hard work of Crisis Responders, the organization would be unable to fulfill its mission and mandate. Sudbury & Area Victim Services actively recruits, trains and engages qualified Crisis Responders to support all aspects of agency programming, service delivery, and operations. We are always looking to expand our roster and recruit new community members. 


The primary role of SAVS volunteer crisis responders is to provide immediate crisis support to victims of crime, tragedy or disaster. This includes short-term emotional support, practical assistance and referrals to community partners. Services can be provided directly on site or by telephone.

SAVS volunteer crisis responders offer assistance in many ways dependent upon the type of occurrence. They suggest appropriate options and choices at a time when victims are not always able to make sound decisions due to traumatic circumstances.  SAVS volunteers crisis responders listen empathetically, validate feelings, provide follow up subsequent to police investigation and deliver information and referrals for longer term assistance and support.


Roles of Volunteer Crisis Responders:

  • Be there for victims and family members in a time of crisis
  • Offer safe and supportive dialogue
  • Provide emotional and practical assistance
  • Provide information on community resources
  • Assist police, fire and other emergency service personnel by ensuring that the person’s emotional and practical needs are being addressed so that emergency service workers can focus on other front-line duties
  • Gain valuable knowledge, experience and crisis intervention skills.  Volunteers learn a wide range of listening, crisis intervention and crisis management techniques. Training topics include: Communications, Crisis Intervention, Domestic Violence, Debriefing, Elder Abuse, Property Crime, Sexual Assault, Self-care, Suicide and Sudden Death.
  • Give back to the community by being a part of a dedicated team that is making a difference in a time of crisis