Victim Crisis Response Program

The Victim Crisis Response Program assists people in crisis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the immediate aftermath of crime or tragedy.


  • On-scene: with consent of the victim, police or other emergency personnel can request staff and or teams of crisis responders to assist with immediate emotional and practical needs of victims and their families and offer referrals to long term community services. Services for support may be provided in office, over the phone or on scene.
  • Follow-up: Follow-up calls to victims that have provided consent will be made to ensure all needs have been met.
  • Emotional Support & Practical Assistance
  • Connections to Community Referrals & Long Term Supports


Victim Services is unique in that we are the only agency in the Sudbury that provides: immediate on-site crisis, trauma, safety and support services to victims of crime and sudden tragedies. The immediacy of this service allows us to aid in mitigating the harmful effects of trauma on the victim and their loved ones.