Referrals & Client Eligibility

Referrals can be made by emergency personnel, service providers or by self-referral.   Services are available to victims and their families of any crime or tragic circumstance, including but not limited to:

favicon.png Assaults

favicon.png Arson

favicon.png Break & Enter

favicon.png Criminal Harassment (Stalking)

favicon.png Domestic Violence

favicon.png Family Crisis

favicon.png Fraud

favicon.png Fire

favicon.png Grief & Bereavement

favicon.png Hate Crime

favicon.png Human Trafficking

favicon.png Homicide

favicon.png Missing Persons

favicon.png Motor Vehicle Collisions

favicon.png Multi-Casualty / Community Disaster

favicon.png Robbery / Property Crimes

favicon.png Sexual Assault

favicon.png Sudden Death

favicon.png Suicide (Attempts / Death)