SAVS' Goals & Objectives

Our primary goal is to ensure that victimized persons receive immediate intervention, support and assistance with regard to their primary needs.

This includes providing assistance of a compassionate nature, provision of appropriate referrals, and maintaining positive police and community partnerships.

favicon.png Providing specific community agency referrals to ensure ease of accessibility and use.

favicon.png Offering short term support and information on effective options for long-term assistance to victims.

favicon.png To develop and maintain connections within the community to continually provide victims, police and emergency services with information about the continuum of services available in the Region.

favicon.png To make the services of this Organization available to the referral agencies and victims on a continual basis.

favicon.png To provide services that are division specific to the Sudbury & Area Region over an extended period of time.

favicon.png To recruit, train and coordinate a competent and confident core group of volunteers.

favicon.png To ensure awareness and educate referral and community agencies of the benefits and uses of the Organization.

favicon.png To reduce the negative impact of victimization by providing emotional support, information, practical assistance and immediate referrals to community services.